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[SAITAMA]第6回 公募 新鋭作家展 二次審査/An examination at ATLIA, Kawaguchi Art Gallery

[TOKYO]個展「ペン先のインクの中に、その文字を映す反射光に」/In the ink of the pen point, in reflected light cast the letter on

[TOKYO]西荻アートスクランブル/Nishiogi Art Scramble


[TOKYO]ループホール10周年記念展/The first decade of LOOP HOLE

[GUNMA]中之条ビエンナーレ2015/NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2015

[TOKYO]個展「地図の上の空白」/Solo exhibition – A Blank on the Map

[TOKYO]第7回凹地企画展「Bulb Cities」/Bulb Cities – The Seventh Kubochi Exhibition

[TOKYO]第4回凹地企画展「夜の画廊」/Night Art Gallery – The Fourth Kubochi Exhibition


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