村上 郁

東京都生まれ。2008年Central Saint Martins Collage of Art and Design卒業。油絵と銅版画を学んだ後、渡英して立体・インスタレーションの制作を始める。


過去の参加展示に、08年群馬青年ビエンナーレ(群馬県立美術館)、TAMA VIVANTⅡ(多摩美術大学)、中之条ビエンナーレなど。



Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2008. After studying oil painting and copperplate printing, I went on to study contemporary art in the UK. Since 2008 I have been developing installation works.

Since I had been making printmaking works I have become interested in the structure of layer. After that, I am making artworks that have the property of the multi-sided and the multi-layered. I am aiming to shake our fixed mindset by make ordinary things a bit different state which is adding simple manipulation such as separation, exaggeration and exchange. This manipulation means pointing out the variation of the meanings, the gap of recognition, the gap of time, contradiction, misunderstanding, prejudice or difference of expression between languages, at the same time, it is the act of examination about what justice and understanding is.

I am using the electric light and a state of tension as the factor of influence on the state of things. For example, ’Ripped postcards’ is a work that has no front and back, ‘Phantom’ is a work has two face under the different lightings, ‘Invisible city’ and ‘Bulb City’ project are the works that the ways of seeing of surface are affected by the curved lens and ‘Stamp’ work is expanded small stamps. As you can see from my previous works, I have been trying to create the state of visual imbalance that getting the audience to look the works through their body sensation.

Therefore, recently I am investigating the influence of lightings as the factor of influence on the state of things. On the residency program, setting the theme per each project based on the above creative policy, I make artwork that is figure the social gap out through the research of the local place.

Participated in “Gunma Young Artists Biennial 2008” (Museum of Modern Art, Gunma), TAMA VIVANTII (Tama Art University), as well as numerous other solo and group shows.

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