Curtain for 605 days/605日のためのカーテン

Screen print on 12-meter pongee fabric


Her twelve-metre textile work, installed on the ground floor, is a long translucent kakemono evoking the shape of the great disappeared nave of the Chartreuse. The piece delicately separates the outside from the inside and evokes the veiling of our windows as well as that which separates patients in hospitals, a moment of void in between. The silkscreen print, inspired by her discovery of traditional Provençal fabrics, reinterprets the numbers engraved on the doors of Carthusian cells, replacing even the names of the confined brothers, while questioning her own experience of suspended time and isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic in Toyko.

Installation view

フランス・ガル県のChartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignonにて、レジデンシー・スペースÉchangeur22と協同で開催している展示Still Lifeにスクリーンプリント作品の新作を出品。

Still Life
会  場|Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon
参加作家|Ludovic Landolt、Letícia Lampert、 Murakami Kaoru、 Jai Jang,、Seunghwa Choi、Sun Kim

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